A City Up North

Kharvaine Riots
an excerpt from "Modern History of Nordvalen"

Martin Valere wrote of the riots that “the events which transpired that week led up to a sudden surge in activity in anti-council protests.” The Kharvaine Riots were considered to be the most violent uprising in the history of the Northern Frontiers, further compounded due to the lack of any form of travel into or out of Nordvalen.

The results were equally as bloody as the instigating events leading up to them. It is estimated that over one fifth of the city was out in force that night, with casualties reported in the hundreds. Valere continues in his writings that, however, “the aftermath of what a few people undertook that day changed the face of the city forever. It is entirely possible that […] a worse fate was avoided, regardless of the morality of the decisions made that night.”

Observations Log
submitted by "Lucien", submitted [redacted], 1755

Have made contact with the task force assigned. Mostly well mannered, intelligent for mercenarii. Have provided them with mode of contact and am currently procuring other means of aid. Have passed to them the packages, as requested. Team has split into two groups to inspect possible drop zones. Will report further changes in the situation.

Furnace 3 is clear; team found evidence of dissension. Furnace 5 has just gone out; second team is still attempting entry into Altira Ward, District Four – were attacked by a group of undead while using public elevator transportation. All signs point to a major disturbance occurring within the next hour of all heating and light to Altira Ward for those without other means of maintaining heat. Expect some civilian casualties within the furnace. Will wait for team to investigate to be assured of infiltrating agents.

Saverlin Rail Company, Incident Report 1755-02-20-003
Report on damages, incident, involved

Train car 12 on trainline Aleph was attacked shortly before arriving to Nordvalen. Attackers were accounted for as wild wind elementals travelling across the tracks to their territory. Damages include:

  • roof, completely sheared off; damages equal 300g or more
  • five windows were blown out; damages equal 100g or more
  • well over three rows of higher quality seats were destroyed in the fighting; damages equal 400g or more
  • support struts for baggage storage were also given severe but not serious damage; estimated repair costs equal 200g

Total costs of repairs to the car pale however in the costs to repair the tracks which were uplifted and twisted by the larger elementals. Additional concerns are raised also due to bad weather (blizzards, low temperatures, etc.) which make it much harder to recover any damaged goods or start repairs. As a result, Aleph line is inoperable, and Nordvalen will be without outside rail traffic for well over two weeks.

It should also be noted the elementals were repelled by some of the passengers with experience with magic. However, the records of the identities or seating of this party were unfortunately destroyed during the assault. It would be wise to compensate them.

SUMMARY – Submitted costs for repairs are well over 5000g.


Jhorace Malleray, acting as an agent of Saverlin Rail Company
Illac Repere, acting notary

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