Ezekiel 'Zeke' Mordent

A swordsman with an aptitude in magic, fighting and sarcasm.


Exekiel wears just what he needs to to get by. His leather tunic and trousers are brown and black, respectively, with basic leather armor covering his torso. His sword, however, is a unique long sword. Always at his side, he seems to caress it with a sort of absentminded fondness. His hair is long and blond, tied into a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Red eyes constantly dart about looking for various people to tell tall tales. He constantly wears a smile on his face, but almost always it is phony.


Zeke does not care. not about you. Not about the old beggar named Snails dying in the alleyway.And certainly not about himself. He is constantly on the move in mercenary work trying to earn gold. his lack of self-awareness or self preservation can cause trouble, but more often than not he just looks for a good time with money spent on a good night’s killing.

He is not fond of many people, but anyone who buys him a drink is a friend in his book. He is quite when asked about his past, mentioning ‘some sort of bitch or another, you know’. its almost always accompanied with him handling his sword carefully. Not with any intent to hurt but more of a fond caress on the hilt and guard.

he is sarcastic by nature and will assign nicknames (Almost always insulting) to his allies. if hE were to call you by your real name, you’d have to worry.

Ezekiel 'Zeke' Mordent

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