Allurite (also commonly referred to as starmetal) is a metal which is rarely if ever found in any capacity in any place except where meteorites have landed. The metal itself has been of great interest to both artificers and magecrafters, due to its unusual properties in its base state and its enhancing ability as an alloy to other metals.

Physical Description

“Look, it isn’t magic! It’s a rock! A damned rock! Okay, it is magical, but it isn’t magic that it’s still a hunk of tough earth!” – Galeo Falbrin

Allurite is a bluish green ore when first mined. When properly smelted, it glows the same color, though the color of the metal becomes more subdued. It is an extremely hard metal as well, which makes mining it a difficult task without the assistance of magic or equipment designed explicitly with allurite’s toughness in mind. Pure allurite in its ore form is still valuable, however, as the metal in this state has the strongest magical effects. So far, efforts to ensure that this aura remains in the metal after being smelted for use as an alloy have failed, though advances have been made recently by various tinkerers.


Allurite was first discovered and is primarily mined in the city of Nordvalen, which was settled precisely because of the existence of such a large node of it. While there have been found other deposits in other kingdoms, allurite largely comes from Nordvalen. The result of this is Nordvalen’s unprecedented freedom as a city state instead of being subject to the whims of the nothern kingdoms, for fear of losing easy access to such a wondrous substance.


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