Hogshead Inn

The following is excerpted from Morrin’s Book of Travels.

On cursory inspection, it would appear to be an average traveler’s rest stop. On closer inspection, one would discover an entire franchise of such inns.

The Hogshead Inn is explicitly designed to appeal to the average adventurer, and thus has several convenient features. These include surprisingly soundproof walls in all rooms, magically reinforced bar stools, and the smell of old country breads and cheeses, which ironically are only the byproducts of magical smelling salts.

Also, the bathroom might be haunted by the souls of adventurers who passed on before completing their quests, doomed to forever languish shamefully in one of several hundred identical bathrooms across several nations. Or adventurers living, passed out from passing around the mugs and gold a little too much. Either way, spirits were there.

Hogshead Inn

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