“Nordvalen was born in inquiry, founded upon conservancy, and now mires itself in constant adversity.” — local historian Martin Valere

Nordvalen is a medium sized decently fortified citystate in the far north, settled in the crater of a massive meteor strike thousands of years ago. The meteorite contained an extremely rare resource known as allurite, or more commonly starmetal, which had extremely useful applications as an alloyable metal and properties that were frankly magical. The city itself was founded to act as a mining base, though its location also made it a decent crossroads for expeditions further north.


Physically, the city is split into three major vertical strata.

The Median

The Median is the central strata at ground level, acting as the major commercial and residential zones. It is suspended above the crater via multiple bridges and support beams, all enhanced magically against corrosion and damage.

The Crater

Below that is the Crater, the actual physical surface. Here we find the major industrial quarters as well as the homes of those unable to afford living in the Median.

The Strata

Finally we have the Strata, a large ring structure above the Median, used primarily for governmental administration and rapid transit.


The mining tunnels that run under the city are starting to become more and more dangerous, especially once linked with natural cave formations.

“Spelunkers and miners be damned, the Underdark doesn’t enjoy intrusion of any sort. Like hell I’m going back down there with a torch and pick axe against a giant spider!” — allurite miner, presumed fired


“Ours was a settlement based entirely on a giant hunk of very valuable rock. It was only fitting, then, that those who had more rock had more say.” — Memoirs of Galeo Falbrin


The city is now undergoing heavy urban decay since the starmetal has grown scarcer and scarcer. The city’s government has decided recently to greatly lower the amount of starmetal that is exported out of the city in order to artificially inflate the prices in the hopes of bolstering a failing economy.

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